What is the International Second Opinion

Hundreds of top medical experts from the United States, Japan, Europe, Taiwan andother countries and regions form the international medical expert database, to provide remote video consultation, access to overseas authority of the treatment programand the latest drug recommendations for the majority of patients suffering from major diseases.

Why conducting the international second opinion

1. We choose experts from the world's leading hospitals
2. Global advanced consultation program under international
3. Experts give advice and guidance on overseas listing of
    specific drugs
4. More ways to get more middle-class patients to benefit
    from overseas treatment

For the last 3 years, New Journey Mega has carried out around 400 cases of second opinion, including video consultations and written consultations. Especially in the year of 2017, we helped nearly 15 families per month, all these consultations are for complicated cases, including rare type of cancer and late stage cancer, all the consultations give the patients a clear options for subsequent treatment, which are beneficial to the patients and family. New Journey Mega offer the second opinions from US, Germany, Japan for varies of discipline, such as pediatric, neurosurgery & neurology, target therapy, proton therapy, metastatic solid cancer, etc.

The international remote consultation process

Before the consultation
After the consultation

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