What is International Referral Service

We promise patients with green access to the oversea hospital and referral to be made to the most suitable medical centers. And we provide shuttle, Translation, counseling and assistance services during all the treatment and hospitalization.

What is beneficial for patients referring abroad

1. Overseas advanced and standardized treatment programs that provide
    patients with cutting-edge treatment of major diseases.
2. The world's leading drug treatment for patients with the latest listing of
    the cure.
3. The world's most advanced medical equipment and technology, to bring
    patients with precise treatment.
4. High quality and user-friendly medical services and experience, creating a
    comfortable and easy medical treatment for patients.

For the past years since 2013, we have successfully referred patients to United States, Germany, Japan, Tawai for cancer care, proton therapy, IVF, etc.

Our doctors either in our company or our hospitals will learn and valuate the condition first, then suggest the advanced treatment plan overseas, we may also suggest the patient accept the following care in our hospitals in China instead of abroad if the physical condition or stages are not suitable. By the consent of patient family, we will translate all the medical documents and deliver them to the oversea institutions for review, if the oversea medical centers determine to admit the patient, we will make the appointment, apply the medical visa and book the air flights and local accommodations. We will also offer the oversea translation service all through the treatment process, covering the activities outside hospital. 24 hour emergency call and coordination services are essential to our patients.

Before the referral, patient could come to our hospital for inspections and advices from the professional doctors. During the treatment, our medical team and attending doctor could also coordinate and support for any requests from the destination medical centers. After the patients coming back, subsequent inspections and professional opinions, as well as professional medical service and care could be offered. Our attending doctors would also have the responsibility to communicate with the foreign doctors for the progression and conditions, in order to give the patients most professional care.

The International Referral Process

Before going abroad

Collect medical records
by medical consultant in

Translate the
medical records

Submit materials to the hospital
and follow the appointment by
overseas staff

Delivery service

After going abroad

pick-up service

oral translation while
getting treatment

Recammend the accom-
modation and dining

Translate the
treatment report

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