Group Introduction

New Journey Hospital Group Limited Company(Hereinafter refer to as New Journey Hospital Group) operates as an open healthcare group featuring oncology among all specialties. New Journey Hospital Group provides patients with a full range of healthcare solutions. Utilizing hospitals as our focus and portal, our disciplines cover a plethora of fields such as hospital operations, doctors group, medical data, and international medical care.

Under the leadership of the professional and effective management team, New Journey Hospital Group beholds the underlyingholds philosophy of “Patients first, Doctor beneficiary” in order to achieve its primary goal of developing a respected medical service group. By doing so, New Journey Hospital Group Hopes to establish a medical group with a mutually unifying commercial and social value.

Shareholders Backgroud

Founded in June 2008, CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd (“CITIC PE”) is a professional investment institution that focus on both domestic and international investment opportunity that related with China’s national economic growth.


In accordance with the basic idea of “profession creates value”, CITIC PE concentrate on investment of technology, internet, industry and power resources, as well establish long-term business partner relations with those invested enterprises and helping their substantial development. By December 31th, 2017, CITIC PE has invested more than 100 companies, from which over 30 companies has been listed. As the number of nearly 100 billions of management property, CITIC PE is becoming one of the leading investment management institution.


Zhongrong International Trusts Limited Company( hereinafter refer as Zhongrong Trust) is a financial institution that approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission, with 8 billion yuan’s registered capital, the biggest shareholder of Zhongrong trust is Jingwei Textile Machinery company limited which is a A+H listed company subordinate to China Hengtian Group.


In By the end of 2015, the total capital and management scale of Zhongrong trust is 780.533billions, the net asset is 11.32billions, the net capital is 10.202billions, and the total business income is 6.588 billions. Together, the company owes over 10 thousands of high-net worth clients and over 1 thousands of business clients. The company currently has 1700 employees in about 20 cities of China.

Business Overview

Hospital Operation

In first-tier cities, equity cooperation and strategic cooperation with famous hospitals.
In second and third-tier cities, merging and invest the hospitals are the main method.
Internationally, cooperation with world famous hospitals and medical centers for international referral, second opinion and academic communications will be tremendously beneficiary to our patients and physicians.

Systemic Improvement Solution

Based on current hospital departments, regional reality and famous doctors, provide major hospital major departments with strategic support. Based on the collaboration with large public hospitals to improve MDT, create academic exchanges, and enhance the academic discipline construction layout of for subsidiary hospitals, as well as to help to introducing leading experts in both academic and technological fields leading talent. Based on international medical platform; to introduce the most internationally advanced medical resources and management model,method, which allow patients access to international comprehensive medical services

Affiliated Hospitals

Doctors Group

New Journey Hospital Group is committed to creating an open medical platform. By exploring the doctor group, the sharing of innovative and sustainable medical resources is mutually beneficial in maximizing the value of the doctor group. New Journey Hospital Group has already established a deep partnership network with top doctors from major large public hospitals, to organize the doctors group in fields of cardiovascular, gynecological oncology, breast surgery, urinary surgery, gastrointestinal tumors, plastic surgery, in order to raise the medical technics and the academic level of the affiliated hospitals .

Medical Date service

New Journey Hospital Group will establish New Journey Cancer Data Research Institute to create a service platform of precise medicine, which is supported by the operation management of hospitals.

International Medical service

As the cross-border international medical platform of New Journey Hospital Group, New Journey Mega International Healthcare( hereinafter refer as New Journey Mega) based on affiliated hospitals of the group, and focus on oncology specialty. New Journey Mega has signed strategic partnerships in cooperation with world-class medical institutions in US, Germany, Japan and Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan and could refer patient to these medical center in a short time. By building one-stop international medical service platform, New Journey Mega could truly achieve “Chinese Patients, Global Healthcare

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